US signed biggest ever trade deal with Pacific partners

Over 40% of world economy is involved, except China and Hong Kong. As US seeks to encounter China, the ambitious Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which aims to cut tariffs and trade barriers among US trade partners in Pacific rim region… Continue Reading →

Upcoming Shanghai Disneyland sets ticket fee low

Hong Kong Disneyland will directly competes against the Shanghai counterpart for mainland tourists. Hong Kong Disneyland, a joint venture between Walt Disney and the Hong Kong government built the Hong Kong’s 2nd largest amusement park following Ocean Park and opened… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong ranks all countries in economic freedom

Topping the list for continuing 22 years. Hong Kong is appreciated for strong private property rights, openness to global trade and financial flows but its track record in corruption-free is becoming spotty. 2 Feb 2016 Hong Kong is world’s freest… Continue Reading →

China’s P2P lending scam surfaces

China’a Poor P2P lending models in China hurt investors. Ezubo, a Chinese peer-to-peer (P2P) lending service, has been the subject of negative publicity of late. The company was accused of concealing from investors of enormous amount of bad debt in… Continue Reading →

HSBC is said to be reducing salaries expense globally

Salary freeze and cease of recruitment are rumored around. HSBC fires the first shot that was heard around the world in 2016, amid slowing down economy growth of China. The bank told its staff a detailed cost-cutting plan last Friday,… Continue Reading →

China state media singled George Soros out

Financial markets can be treated the political way in China. In the wake of George Soros‘s “bad-mouthing” of China at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Beijing’s media has launched wave of personal attacks on the renowned monetary spectacular who gained… Continue Reading →

Rapid drawing down of PBoC’s foreign reserves alerts economies

‘Malicious’ short selling of renminbi put China’s long-term stability on a test. At the same time, governments in Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Nigeria also strengthened capital controls to slow down capital outflow, which is undoubtedly a risky measure. In 2013,… Continue Reading →

China fake trade invoicing mounts as HK figures differ

Difference in trades figures of China’s export-to-HK and HK’s import-from-China reached record high in December 2015. Coincidence of this huge trade gap and ongoing depreciation of Renminbi suggested speculators operated fake trades to gain in foreign exchange, e.g. through inflated import from Hong Kong to change China… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong topped worldwide IPO market in 2015

Hong Kong’s IPO funds raised surged to new high. Greater China once again topped the global market for initial public offerings (IPOs), with Hong Kong leading the charge in IPO funds raised. According to a research note from HKTDC, the… Continue Reading →

IMF Backs HK’s Currency Peg

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA)’s monetary policy of linking HKD to USD is affirmed by International Monetary Fund (IMF). Hong Kong linked exchange-rate system should be maintained as the vital pillar for the city’s economy, the linked rate of USD1… Continue Reading →

Decline in sale of luxaury watches in Hong Kong

Swiss watch exhibition organizer is pressed to downgrade the expo due to watch makers being losing money. Slowing economy and massive anti-corruption crackdown in China cut off the interest of the rich to shop for pricey  Swiss timepieces which seem a wearable… Continue Reading →

Ben Bernanke: more transparent on China yuan policy

Global investors overreacted to China’s slowdown, he added. Speaking at the Asian Financial Forum, former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke said China’s slowdown is not a threat to the global economy. China slowdown unlikely to derail global economy: Bernanke China… Continue Reading →

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