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We are a cost-effective company to provide Hong Kong company formation, incorporation, accounting, tax, immigration and compliance services to help start-ups as well as small-to-medium sized Hong Kong businesses doing business in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is one of the leading Asian centers for both finance and commerce. It is a major gateway for investment and finance into China and the rest of Asia. We can incorporate Hong Kong companies with a name of your choice or from our shelf list quickly and efficiently. Banking accounts can be opened for Hong Kong companies in different currencies with international reputable banks.

  • Entrepreneurship freedom, legal stability and no capital deposit obligation.
  • A simple and advantageous tax system.
  • Only one Director-Shareholder necessary.
  • Reliable Professional Bank account fully manageable online.
  • Profits and dividends taxation at 0% in many situations.


What our clients says:

Andras TothfalussyHei YanAlbert D. Pestana
Director of Grinder Toner and Cartridges Trading (HK) Ltd.
"I can only say that they not just provide this service to us in a very professional way, which include secretarial service, accounting, etc., but time to time we have got a tremendous help to carry out routine tasks, such as bank correspondence, going to post office, etc., which we couldn`t able do by ourselves as we are not in Hong Kong. Furthermore, whenever we have encountered some difficulties, either legal or some other, we usually turned to the them who addressed our request immediately and dealt with utmost care, which is all the more remarkable taking into account that that ours is only a small start up trading venture. Based on the professional service and the friendly and customer oriented attitude that is the trademark of Asia Business Centre, I sincerely recommend them."
Director of Ysoft Consulting Ltd.
"We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Asia Business Centre. We have found their service to be dependable, friendly and open over the years. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company."
CEO of Trio Import & Export Co Ltd.
"We hired Asia Business Centre to set up our Hong Kong Corporation and they have been superb. We are very pleased with their efforts that contributed to the ease of making our entry into the Chinese Market. They facilitated all of the legal and statutory requirements for opening our Hong Kong Corporation and even arranged banking facilities with a Hong Kong Bank for the company. We have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone who wishes to set up a business operation in Hong Kong or China."

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Why Hong Kong Limited Company?

City for business:

See the advantages of Hong Kong over others destinations for doing business.

What is Limited Company?

A limited company is a company in which the liability of members or subscribers of the company is limited to what they have invested or guaranteed to the company.

Limited companies may be limited by shares or by guarantee. And the former of these, a limited company limited by shares, may be further divided into public companies and private companies. Who may become a member of a private limited company is restricted by law and by the company's rules. In contrast anyone may buy shares in a public limited company.

Ease of formation:

A company incorporated under Companies Ordinance has to register with the Inland Revenue Department within one month from its date of incorporation, irrespective of whether actually in business or not. Other businesses have to make the registration within one month of business commencement. Check with us to find the businesses that required to be registered, when and how to register, as well as online application details.

You may need particular government licences, permits, certificates and approvals to start your business operations in Hong Kong. Check with us to find the kinds of licences you need to operate your business.

We can direct you to sources of detailed information about profits tax, tax obligations of business operators and employers.

An employer is required to enrol both full-time and part-time employees aged 18 to below 65 and employed for 60 days or more in an MPF scheme. You may select one or more MPF schemes available in the market and enrol your employees in these schemes. Check with us for more information.

If you are a self-employed person(SEP) aged 18 to below 65, you must enrol yourself in an MPF scheme. You are required to make mandatory contributions if you earn not less than the minimum income level.

Advantages of Incorporation of Limited Company in HK:

  • Few Restrictions on Business Scope
  • Simple and low taxation Environment
  • No requirement on register Capital
  • Gateway of International Market
  • Springboard to Mainland China Market
  • Free flow of people, capital and goods
  • Easy credit and loan

Tax Efficient:

It is possible to unitize a Hong Kong company as business vehicle with full income exemption from Profits Tax. See how:

Type of business vehicles in Hong Kong:

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