In Asia, Hong Kong along with Singapore and Japan with are on the list of Apple’s “first-wave” of their highly anticipated smartphones – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – which will be officially launched on 19th Sep. The online pre-order is going to be accessible today (12th Sep). Surprisingly, China (excluded Taiwan and Hong Kong) was left out of the first wave of countries and the its official release day is “a week later”. In fact, China did on the list in the launch of iPhone 5s and 5c back to Sept 2013.

We can expect that the demand of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus them in Hong Kong will be record-breaking high because of staking of demand from China.

Hong Kong Apple Store in IFC, Central, will be occupied by Apple fan boys as well as traders.

Shown on web of Hong Kong Apple Store, unlocked iPhone 6 (the 4.7-inch screen) and iPhone 6 Plus (the 5.5-inch screen) will cost from HK$5,588 and HK$6,388 respectively in the city when they go on sale on September 19. The top priced handset – 128Gb iPhone 6 Plus, will retail at HK$8,088.

Speculations about the exclusion suggest it’s Apple’s angered response to Chinese mobile operators that had leaked details, including photos, about the iPhone 6 days before the scheduled launch event. Others point to Chinese regulators for the delay as they have yet to provide the iPhone maker with a network-access permit.

China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom, which had posted information as well as provided preorder service for the iPhone 6 before the launch date, have since removed the information from their sites, according to a China Daily report Wednesday.

China, one of the company’s key markets, telcos are reportedly slashing handset subsidies of up to US$5 billion, possibly impacting higher end handsets such as the iPhone. In contrast, lower cost rivals, could tap this opportunity to leapfrog Apple and grab the market share lead.


  • Sept 12 pre-orders in Hong Kong
  • Sept 16 reserve online for pick-up at retail stores in Hong Kong
  • Sept 19 on sale in Hong Kong
  • Sept 26 on sale on mainland

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