Mr. Ko Wing Man,Secretary of Food and Health Bureau.

Mr. Ko Wing Man,Secretary of Food and Health Bureau.

Increase more outdoor stalls in Hong Kong various districts will help diversify the economy

Secretary of Food and Health Bureau, Ko Wing- man said “The possibility of allowing more outdoor stalls in various districts is being studied. And some people are hoping that the HKSAR government will introduce policies to allow hawkers to sell products. More hawkers will help diversify the economy, though the government also needs to ensure that they do not affect other livelihoods. Our attitude now is that the small businesses provided by hawkers should be a part of the economic diversity in Hong Kong.”

Ko think that hope to achieve a better balance. On the one hand is need to regulate hawkers in sanitation, environmental awareness and safety, while there may be some loosening of the regulations in some districts or through district councils. However, Food and Health Bureau have met with the chairmen and vice chairmen of 18 district councils.

He said if the councils can find places suitable for hawkers to do business and the residents are amenable to it, the government especially the food and health department will assist to see what kind of license the hawkers will need.

Ko said the aim of having more hawkers is the result of several months of discussions. And the most important thing is that when people propose market plans, they should also consider the effects on residents nearby.

“If residents believe certain locations are not suitable for hawkers because of subjective reasons, we will not consider issuing licenses.” Ko added: “At the district council level, if they choose a suitable place for a market, it must have sufficient discussion in the district.”

Source: The Standard

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