Hong Kong taken in Chinese-led Asia Infrastructure Bank

China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank expands its global members include 70 countries The Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (“AIIB“) approved the membership application of Hong Kong and 12 other jurisdictions including include Canada, the world’s 10th largest economy, as well… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong signs AEOI tax agreements with 6 jurisdictions

Belgium, Canada, Guernsey, Italy, Mexico and the Netherlands team with Hong Kong to curb tax evasion Hong Kong Governement has been seeking to expand Hong Kong’s AEOI network with worldwide tax treaty partners. The signing of agreements with six more… Continue Reading →

China insurers accelerate equity investment in Hong Kong

China’s insurance funds are allowed to invest in the Hong Kong equity market through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect scheme In 2012 Beijing announced it would allow insurance companies to invest up to 15 per cent of their assets overseas… Continue Reading →

Cooling China economy hits Hong Kong and Singapre

The banking boom days are officially over in Hong Kong and Singapore Asia’s two top financial hubs are facing a rapid growth deceleration with China’s slowdown and the continuing shrinkage of the financial industry striking both Singapore and Hong Kong…. Continue Reading →

Sixth batch of iBonds to launch on 31 May

Hong Kong residents can apply through retail banking channels. The sixth batch of iBond will be available for sale from 31 May to 8 June, with an issue amount of $10 billion, for a term of three years. The minimum… Continue Reading →

Mainland China is the biggest risk to Hong Kong banking stability

Hong Kong banking sector outlook remains “negative” Generally, analysts attribute the negative outlook to Hong Kong banks’ growing exposures to mainland China, deteriorating credit conditions in mainland, asset market imbalances Hong Kong’s economy, and the government’s proposal on revised bank… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong to boost Fintech development

Upcoming government-led initiatives are confirmed Aiming to facilitate the development of start-ups in various sectors of financial services including financing, payment & infrastructure, operation & risk management, investment & wealth management, security, and data analytic, Hong Kong government is dedicated… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong is not another Shanghai

In terms of globalization of financial market, Beijing is the stronghold of “One Country, Two Systems”. Hong Kong’s success of being an international financial hub, meanwhile, largely owes to its solid social and legal infrastructure. Hong Kong’s financial sector is… Continue Reading →

HK second board listings surge on debute

The top shares outperforms the market by notching astonish 19-fold gain on the first trading day GEM board, second board of HKEX, seems a hype market and has become a wonderland for investors seeking to “cash out” after taking advantage… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong ranks after Singapore in financial centre index

Competitiveness of Hong Kong slides The latest index released by Z/Yen Group shows Singapore has overtaken the SAR as the No 3 global financial center. As the dominant financial centre to Chinese economy, Hong Kong’s financial center status is irreplaceable… Continue Reading →

HSBC forecasts weaker renminbi to 6.9 againt USD

Chinese yuan internationalization remains Investors have to accept that more volatile and possibly weaker RMB to USD as the new “normal”. 6 April 2016 HSBC analyst sees renminbi down 6% by year-end The Chinese renminbi is likely to further weaken… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Gov Budget 2016-17 highlights

Plenty of sweeteners in tax and one-off relief measures are offered. Financial Secretary John TSANG has not departed from his prudent fiscal management philosophy in this year’s budget, he cautions about the bumpy road ahead with increased economic and political… Continue Reading →

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