“Quick” visa for foreign visitors entering Guangdong suspended

G20 summit security hits China travel VISAs from HKSAR Several foreign tourist groups in the city, led by Hong Kong tour agencies, have been refused entry into Guangdong province since last week due to a “system upgrade” on the mainland… Continue Reading →

Uber to sell China’s operation to rival Didi after cut-throat price wars

Huge loss in China market concerns the investors Analysts believe that Uber Technologies Inc has already lost US$2 billion in China in two years, investors push the US tech company to wave the white flag to a bruising battle with… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong is not another Shanghai

In terms of globalization of financial market, Beijing is the stronghold of “One Country, Two Systems”. Hong Kong’s success of being an international financial hub, meanwhile, largely owes to its solid social and legal infrastructure. Hong Kong’s financial sector is… Continue Reading →

Risk of bad loan is escalating in China lending banks

The biggest questions to global economy is how China might deal with a vast pool of bad debts. Theoretically, for banks to immediately recognize the losses embedded in bad loans and recovery for those losses by raising fresh capital is… Continue Reading →

US signed biggest ever trade deal with Pacific partners

Over 40% of world economy is involved, except China and Hong Kong. As US seeks to encounter China, the ambitious Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which aims to cut tariffs and trade barriers among US trade partners in Pacific rim region… Continue Reading →

China’s P2P lending scam surfaces

China’a Poor P2P lending models in China hurt investors. Ezubo, a Chinese peer-to-peer (P2P) lending service, has been the subject of negative publicity of late. The company was accused of concealing from investors of enormous amount of bad debt in… Continue Reading →

China fake trade invoicing mounts as HK figures differ

Difference in trades figures of China’s export-to-HK and HK’s import-from-China reached record high in December 2015. Coincidence of this huge trade gap and ongoing depreciation of Renminbi suggested speculators operated fake trades to gain in foreign exchange, e.g. through inflated import from Hong Kong to change China… Continue Reading →

Ben Bernanke: more transparent on China yuan policy

Global investors overreacted to China’s slowdown, he added. Speaking at the Asian Financial Forum, former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke said China’s slowdown is not a threat to the global economy. China slowdown unlikely to derail global economy: Bernanke China… Continue Reading →

China’s GDP growth fell below 7% for first time in six years

China’s GDP growth in the third-quarter of 2015 slid to 6.9%, the worst data since 2009. National Bureau of Statistics of China announced the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the third-quarter of 2015 at 6.9% on 19 October. In spite of falling below… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong’s port business on sliding trend

Container throughput shrinking 9.5 % in July, slipping for 13 straight months as the worst all-time record. Hong Kong Port Development Council released the latest data of overall container throughput of Hong Kong ports. Its shows port business of Hong Kong,… Continue Reading →

HK stocks market was dropping like a waterfall

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx) marked a drop for eight straight trading days. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing,HKEx,(0388.HK) opened at 25391 and fell 5.5%, closed at HK$222 after dipping as low as HK$218.40 on 7 July. HKEx close at 26064 on 3… Continue Reading →

China water firm targets to double-digit growth in 2015

China Water Affairs Group expected net profit surge 32 % in financial year ended in 31 March. China Water Affairs Group (0855.HK) is one of the largest integrated water affairs operators providing raw water, tap water, sewage treatment and related value-added services… Continue Reading →

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