HK “new runway levy” will last from 2016 to 2031

HK Airport Authority revises the levy plan which will charge between HK$70 and HK$180 on traveler per flight. The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) released a revised proposal for special fees on air passengers to finance the construction of a new… Continue Reading →

Hope of cutting levy to fund new HK airport runway

HK Airport Authority may lower the proposed $180 levy which will partly fund the construction of third runway. The Hong Kong government approved the expansion of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) into 3-runway system. The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) was proposed to levy a HK$180 additional… Continue Reading →

MTR South Extension will be completed in 2016

The railway of South Island Line link with Admiralty to Southern District of HK had expect done at the end of 2016 Developed by MTR Corporation Limited (0066.HK) which is the operator of MTR system, South Island Line (East) project is expected… Continue Reading →

Expansion of HK airport into 3-runway was approved

The Airport Authority proposed compulsory levy HK$180 additional user charge per use for funding the project The Hong Kong government approved a three-runway system at the city’s airport – Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), pledging to fund the HK$141.5 billion expansion through… Continue Reading →

Real Estate Investment Trust buy a plaza for mixed-use development

The information of the Metropolitan Oriental Plaza development project. Hui Xian Asset Management, intends to rebrand Metropolitan Plaza into Metropolitan Oriental Plaza, and position it as the second Oriental Plaza under the Hui Xian REIT.The plaza comprises a 12-story mall… Continue Reading →

Thousand flats are coming soon in Hong Kong

Developers are set to launch several new projects, catch many people attention. Hong Kong is not a big city but it seems has a large carrying capacity. Recently, land limited problem become serious. Lots of citizens worried about land may not have enough… Continue Reading →

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