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HK private home prices mark record high of 2016

Prices 3.46pc lower than their peak in September 2015 According to data released by the Rating and Valuation Department on 31st October, Hong Kong home prices rose by 2.78 percent in September (a month-to-month growth rate), marking 8.88 percent the… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong’s home price indices hit record high

Price indices of July increased 0.8% to 303.6 since June, accumulated 9% up since January. Hong Kong Rating and Valuation Department (RVD) released the July report of Hong Kong’s private domestic price indices in Hong Kong. It recorded the indices… Continue Reading →

Price of HK housing is leading the world

Home prices up by 19% YOY in 1Q15, Hong Kong ranked the top of Global House Price Index Knight Frank released the latest Global House Price Index for Q1 2015 showing the slowest growth of home price among 56 major cities worldwide… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong developers roll out new homes to draw buyer attention

Good sales of launch increases property developers income Hong Kong developers rolled out new flats at higher prices last week after tighter mortgage rules make purchasing flats in the resale market more difficult. Cheung Kong (0001.HK) put the last 32 flats at… Continue Reading →

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