First working day of First female Chief Executive

Since the first female Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor has token her office on July 1, her new administration has been showing a refreshingly new governance approach and common touch to the public eye. Unlike to previous July 1… Continue Reading →

Sixth batch of iBonds to launch on 31 May

Hong Kong residents can apply through retail banking channels. The sixth batch of iBond will be available for sale from 31 May to 8 June, with an issue amount of $10 billion, for a term of three years. The minimum… Continue Reading →

China’s yuan continues on downward track

Chinese currency’s offshore exchange rate hit a 5 years (6 January). China’s yuan would depreciate as much as 15% to 7.30 against the US dollar in 2016, reported the Hong Kong Economic Journal. The Chinese currency’s offshore exchange rate weakened to 6.7319 at one point which… Continue Reading →

New CEPA agreement signed between HKSAR-China

The new agreement on Trade in Services effective now and will be implemented on 1 June 2016. The Agreement on Trade in Services (the Agreement) is signed between the HKSAR and the Ministry of Commerce under the framework of the CEPA on 27 November…. Continue Reading →

HK-Macau CEPA negotiations begins

Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between HK & Macau can further enhance economic co-operation and development between both places and Mainland China. The Hong Kong government announced on 9 October 2015 that Hong Kong will negotiate the establishment of Free Trade Agreement (FTA)… Continue Reading →

HK’s Consumer Prices Index rose 2.4% in August

Hong Kong’s inflation is mild and in place with economic growth. Hong Kong Census & Statistics Department announced the latest Hong Kong Consumer Price Index (CPI) for August on 21 August. Overall consumer prices index rose 2.4% YOY in August and… Continue Reading →

HKSAR’s iBond 5 up 5.5 pc on 1st trading day

All valid applications received one lot of iBond 5 first. The HKSAR issued a total of $10 billion iBond for residents, all 597,895 applications were applied successfully, among the 573,376 applications got over two lots and 402,105 were allocated one additional lot after a ballot. The… Continue Reading →

HKSAR’s iBond 5 attracted HK$36.1b from 60k resident

2.6 times over-subscription hit a record high. The HKSAR’s fifth batch of inflation-linked bonds, namely iBond 5  (04228.HK), subscriptions closed on 29 July, it attracted a record 600,000 subscribers offering a total of HK$36.1 billion. Those figures represented increases of about 23% of applicants and 25% of subscription… Continue Reading →

5th round of HKSAR’s iBond open for application on 21 July

The interest rate of this tranche of iBond is expected as 4%. The Hong Kong government launch of the fifth inflation-linked retail bond, namely iBond, under the retail part of the Government Bond Programme for subscription by Hong Kong residents from… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong’s YOY Consumer Prices Index grew by 3% in May

Slightly increased from 2.8% in April, Hong Kong’s inflation is mild and in place with economic growth. Hong Kong Census & Statistics Department announced the latest Hong Kong Consumer Price Index (CPI) for May on 22 June. The underlying inflation rate,… Continue Reading →

HK government will launch a new round of iBond on July

  The market expects the interest rate of this tranche of iBond will range from 3% to 4%. HK government will pay interest twice a year on the scheduled interest payment dates, the annual interest rate to be used will… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong unveils proposal on ‘Too Big To Fail’ problem

Hong Kong keeps pace with financial reformation set by G20 nations after 07/08 global financial crisis However, several Asian nations, including mainland China, India and South Korea were making slow progress implementing reforms on regulations of financial institutes for endings… Continue Reading →

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