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Ben Bernanke: more transparent on China yuan policy

Global investors overreacted to China’s slowdown, he added. Speaking at the Asian Financial Forum, former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke said China’s slowdown is not a threat to the global economy. China slowdown unlikely to derail global economy: Bernanke China… Continue Reading →

Bad loans hurt CCB half-year net profit

2015 Interim Report: Bad debts jumped 28% and net profit only rose by 0.9%. China Construction Bank Corp, CCB (0939.HK), the mainland’s second-largest lender, announced its net profit and bad debts for 1st half-year of 2015, it recorded the net profit edged up merely 0.9% yearly… Continue Reading →

China central bank cut rates in hope of boosting real economy

The 3rd times in 6 months – Both benchmark 1-year lending and deposit rates cut by 0.25 pc effective 11 May The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the central bank of China, said China’s economy is facing  downward pressure, at the… Continue Reading →

China central bank cut RRR by 100 basis points

China central bank acts to boost bank lending and combat slowing economic growth in world’s second-biggest economy The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the central bank of china, said on 19 April that the reserve requirement ratio (RRR – the amount of cash that… Continue Reading →

BMW to pay huge to China car dealers

Unsold stock on dealer lots rose to the highest level in November since August 2013 Slowing sales growth means a “new normal” is emerging in the country’s auto market, since more cities in China impose purchase restrictions on vehicles to… Continue Reading →

China factories in contraction as economy slowdown

Weaker economic activity and stronger disinflationary pressures warrant further monetary easing Hurt by a sluggish property market, unsteady exports and cooling domestic demand and investment, China’s economic growth is expected to slow to a 24-year low of 7.4 percent this… Continue Reading →

China announced property registration as anti-graft drive

Unified registration system is on the way Rules requiring real-estate owners to register their holdings with authorities were issued by China government. This move is deemed as a major step targeting property speculators as well as corrupted officers as harder… Continue Reading →

Chinese 8 domenstic banks fighting for savers

Meanwhile, profitability of China banks is hurt by the rates cut. In response to China economy growth slides to its slowest growth in nearly a quarter of a century, China central bank cut rates last Friday in order to support… Continue Reading →

If financial crisis occurs now…

As growth of China’s economy is slowing and the risk of defaults is rising, investors have pushed banks’ stock prices to record low levels relative to the book value of the banks’ loans. For example, Bank of China trades at… Continue Reading →

Chinese lenders profits up amid souring debt

Since the end of 2013, Central government enforced real estate contraction has hit developers and home buyers, with property prices slow to recover. Manufacturers are also struggling with excess capacity, while foreign luxury goods makers have reported a significant slump… Continue Reading →

Mainland China flat sales golden at tier 2 cities

As liquidity is quite tight on the mainland, developers need to boost the sales of their project for cash. Potential home flat buyers are hesitating because they expect further discount and attractive terms. Source: The Standard Finance Second-tier mainland cities… Continue Reading →

Interbank link for China’s developers

The new easing funding rules are expected to benefit mainland-listed companies more because onshore borrowings are more expensive. However, the new fund is restricted to buy land that is developers want to do mostly. Source: The Standard Finance China is… Continue Reading →

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