All businesses operating in Hong Kong must maintain books of accounts and produce annual returns to satisfy statutory audit requirements. Asia Business Centre corporate accounting and bookkeeping service provides all the professional expertise needed to comply with all Hong Kong financial regulations.

As well as completing clients’ bookkeeping and accounting work Asia Business Centre also has data analysis expertise that provides recommendations and tax consulting advice on improving profitability and corporate governance standards. All our services aim to leverage expertise that reduces client stress and renews focus on cost effective business development.
Our services:

We provide a flexible range of accounting services to meet clients’ needs. Our service can support you monthly, quarterly or as an annual accounts service to help with submitting financial reports to the Inland Revenue Department.
We assist clients with:

  • Setting up their accounting system
  • establishing an advanced and appropriate accounting system to meet the business’ operational requirements
  • preparing financial statements such as profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, cash flow statements, bank reconciliation reports and consolidated statements
  • setting up accessible archiving to enhance analysis and control of accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • using company receipts, invoices and other financial documents to prepare company ledgers, cash books, bank accounts, statements on receivables and payables
  • organizing accounting documents, batch files and computer data storage

 Outsource your company’s bookkeeping and accounting workload to Asia Business Centre which provides accountants-to-hire.