Capital procurement is a necessary link in corporate expansion. Recommendation of business advantage and provision of professional business prospectus to banks and funds through professional corporate finance consultants are the key factors for gaining successful finance.

Due to professionalism of corporation finance, finance consultant shall have extensive corporate finance experience, comprehensive finance channels, full knowledge of capital market, and high capability of professional planning. Asia Business Centre has the experience of helping enterprises to finance successfully, so we can provide efficient professional service to assist corporate finance.

Our trade finance and services include:




L/C Issuance L/C Advising and Confirmation Guarantee /Bond / Standby L/C
Back-to-Back L/C L/C Transfer Forfaiting
Import Bills for Collection Export Bills for Collection Factoring
Import Loan Export Bills Advance Foreign Exchange Services
Shipping Guarantee Export Bills under L/C for Collection
Trust Receipt Facilities Negotiation / Discount of Export Bills under L/C
Import Invoice Financing Packing Loan
Pre-shipment Financing
Export Invoice Discounting

With extensive network of Hong Kong financial institutes, Asia Business Centre enables oversea clients to access best-cost loans, insurance and financial products in Hong Kong.