Banking offshore

Wherever you live, banking offshore gives you the opportunity to grow and protect your money in an economically stable and central location. So you can keep your money in one place while you move around the world.

Banking offshore also makes it easier for you to manage your finances in multiple currencies across different countries.

What is offshore banking?

Offshore banking simply means you have a bank account in a location outside the country you’re living in. This location is usually a low tax jurisdiction.

Why bank offshore?

Most expats have a bank account in their home country to manage financial commitments like property payments and school fees. You also need a bank account in the country where you’re living to cover things like your rent, utilities and shopping. Banking offshore provides a link between all your banking arrangements, giving you easy international access to your finances and a central home for your money.

Some of the banks in other jurisdiction:

BVI, Caribbean
CIBC The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - Logo

CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank (FCIB) (TTSE: FCI), (BSE: FCI) is a publicly held Caribbean financial services company based in Barbados.

Belize, Caribbean
Belize Bank - Logo

Belize Bank (BB) is the first, oldest continuing, and largest bank in Belize. It maintains an international banking subsidiary in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Panama, Central America
Espirito Santo Bank in Panama - Logo

Espirito Santo Bank in Panama. The Espírito Santo Financial Group (ESFG) is a Portuguese holding company with headquarters in Luxembourg, founded in 1984.

MMG Bank - Logo

MMG Bank Corporation is a Panamanian financial institution that provides personalized banking products and services to local and international clients.

Cyprus, Mediterranean Sea
Eurbank Cyprus - Logo

Eurobank Cyprus is licensed by the Central Bank of Cyprus and is operating under its regulation and supervision.

Hellenic Bank - Logo

Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd is the second largest bank in Cyprus and are listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

Mauritius, Indian Ocean
Afrasia Bank - Logo

Afrasia Bank Limited, commonly known as Afrasia Bank, but often referred to as Afrasia Bank, is a commercial bank in Mauritius. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Mauritius, the country’s central bank and the nation’s banking regulator.

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) - Logo

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB), founded in 1838, is the oldest and largest banking institution of Mauritius. It is also the oldest banking institution south of the Sahara and one of the oldest banks of the Commonwealth to have preserved its original name.

State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) - Logo

State Bank of Mauritius (SBM), is a bank in Mauritius. It is licensed as a commercial bank by the Bank of Mauritius, the national banking regulator.

Czech Republic, Europe
PPF Banka - Logo

One of the bank in Czech Republic.

Denmark, Europe
Nordea - Logo

Nordea Bank AB, commonly referred to as Nordea, is a Nordic-based financial services group operating in Northern Europe.

Luxembourg, Europe
EWUB East West United Bank - Logo

East-West United Bank S.A. – one of the well-known Luxembourg-based private banks offering customised services in Private Banking and Wealth Management to corporations and private clients.

Monaco, Europe
BSI Monaco SAM - Logo

BSI Monaco SAM is a bank established under Monegasque law, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BSI SA (Lugano).